Nordic Track T Series Treadmill

Founded in 1975, NordicTrack is a leading manufacturer of strength training equipment, treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals and related accessories. The brand is popular for its low-impact exercisers, the classic Nordic ski machine, inline trainers and ellipticals. 

Owned and operated by Icon Health & Fitness, the company is based in Logan, Utah. Its classic pro skier began to appear in living rooms across the nation over two and a half decades ago. A new fitness craze started when a vigorous marketing campaign was conducted through television media.

Designed to offer complete body workout, the skier integrated both the benefits of burning calories with the smooth feel of skiing in the cross-country. The gliding design of the skier offered enough resistance, mimicked the real feeling of skiing and supported accurate customization to the unique needs of every user.

The company designed more skier models to add to its collections for different sports enthusiasts with varied experience levels. It then began to manufacture smooth exercise machines with low impact, leading to the release of the new ellipticals line built with the branded proprietary touch technology. 

The company began to manufacture other home fitness equipment such as inline trainers and treadmills in the late 1990s. Later, it added stationary bikes, apparel, strength machines, steppers, etc. to a similar comfort and design level as previous fitness equipment. 

According to the company, life is an adventure that everyone should be ready to indulge in. It ensures serious athletes and fitness loving persons can prepare for any kind of adventure, be it swimming, river rafting or rock climbing. Today, the brand retails its products worldwide.

The NordicTrack T Series Treadmills are designed for interactive fitness from the touch of your fingertips. With iFit, you can download workout programs and even track your performance.

On-demand studio workouts are accessible through high-energy sessions streamed online. They include world-class personal trainers who monitor the machine in real-time to control its incline, decline and speed. 

For the best workout in your entire life, the company’s coaches match the equipment’s incline and speed to match theirs. It provides the opportunity to escape and explore the fitness arena.

Complete body training focuses on high-power cross-training workouts aimed at keeping your entire body in motion and toning it. Get off the treadmill to do this. What’s more, you can track your workouts in real-time. Discover more details about your fitness workout without overlooking your elevation, heart rate, and intensity.

The live interactive on-demand workouts are built with LIVE Interactive Tech for trainers worldwide. The world-class trainers control incline and workout speed. Moreover, the world-class coaches offer endless training options ranging from global workout to studio sessions to cross-training such as full-body sculpting and yoga.

  •  What We Like 

We love the design and myriad options the treadmills come with. Moreover, they offer endless training options to meet the needs of different users out there. We also love the warranty the treadmill comes with and the ability to play music on the machine itself from an external MP3 or iPod device.

  •  What We Don’t Like 

The NordicTrack treadmill is of a sturdy and strong build. It comes with various features that intermediate to seasoned fitness enthusiasts or athletes will find handy. However, it may be too advanced for a beginner.

  •  Features of the NordicTrack T Series Treadmills
  • World-class trainers
  • New daily workouts
  • Dual 2” speakers (amplified digitally)
  • Stat tracking
  • Google maps
  • FlexSelect Cushioning
  • Over 16,000 on-demand workouts
  • 20” x 55” commercial tread belt 
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty
  • Live Interactive Training 
  • Multiple users and equipment
  • CardioGrip heart rate monitor 
  • 25-year motor warranty
  • 300 lb user capacity
  • 5” backlit iFit Display 
  • Auxiliary music port
  • Google maps for custom workouts 
  • Lifetime frame warranty 
  • Membership parks
  • Smart-Response Drive System with a 2.6 CHP DurXTM Commercial Plus Motor 
3 Nordic Track


  • Cushioned to engage dampeners and soften joint impacts
  • Mimics the experience of running along a road with a single turn 
  • It comes with a lifetime and 25-year warranty on the frame and motor, respectively
  • It has a capacity of up to 300 pounds
  • Workout programs are downloadable 
  • Allows for tracking of workouts based on elevation, heart rate and intensity 
  • Workouts are customizable to fit your unique needs


  • The machine is a bit expensive
  • It’s also heavy and can’t be move around or used on the go for workout 
  • Buying Advice 

When shopping for the best NordicTrack treadmill, create a budget to help guide your purchase. First find out the price range of the brand’s treadmills to help you come up with a feasible budget. Choose a fitness machine built with the right capacity to hold your weight. Also look at the size of the treadmill, warranty offered and the features built into it, among other factors.



The NordicTrack T Series Treadmills come with 20 options for workout programs, including a heart rate monitor. The workouts are trainer-certified to be effective at attaining fitness goals. Whether you want to target specific muscle groups on your body or increase workout intensity, you won’t be disappointed.

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