The 3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope

3M Littman is a leading manufacturer of different types of clinical stethoscopes such as classic stethoscopes, cardiology stethoscopes, electronic stethoscopes, lightweight stethoscopes and telemedicine and software. It also manufactures stethoscope parts and accessories. 

The company uses science to enhance people’s lives and provide solutions to the toughest challenges and problems in the world. It uses light power lines to transfer power to many people across the globe. 

It also uses streamlined processes to improve productivity and automate healthcare data to ensure information needed for decision-making is available when needed. These efforts are aimed at empowering communities and driving sustainability worldwide.

People come together in the company to develop solutions to some of the world’s toughest yet clear challenges. 3M uses science daily and innovations to develop products with real impact on lives worldwide. The company’s stethoscopes are used by medical professionals in different parts of the world.

The millions of physicians around the globe are focused on offering the best patient outcomes. And, with the stethoscopes, you’re guaranteed consistent quality in acoustic performance, and unmatched value. 

The clinical tools are a reflection of dedication to medicine and personal success. They support physical assessment of patients and monitoring of their health conditions.

The 3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope is built in a sensitive and compact design for easy use and movement around the hospital. It allows clinicians to assess patients, both adults and kids, in non-critical settings, and monitor their health.

Strong and durable yet lightweight materials have been used to manufacture the stethoscope to offer comfort and support prolonged use. Built to deliver high acoustic sensitivity for unmatched performance, the clinical tool is the latest among the company’s range of stethoscopes. The two-sided chest-piece built with tunable diaphragms allow for versatile use of the clinical tool.

The tunable diaphragm allows for listening to various sound frequencies. All you have to do is adjust the chest-piece pressure; holding it with high pressure detects high-frequency sounds while low pressure allows listening to sounds at low frequencies. The diaphragm allows you to focus on the patient while in use, hence saves time.

Whether you’re a medical professional or a medical student, the stethoscope is what you need to identify various organ sounds of the lungs, heart and other sounds from the body, including listening to and studying them. It supports physical assessment of patients, monitoring their health and diagnosis of certain illnesses.

Squeeze the eartubes together or apart to easily adjust the headset tension for comfort and a desirable head size, respectively. With a perfect fit of the soft-sealing eartips into your ears, their snap-tight and conforming nature offer comfort and an acoustic seal.  The eartips also fit on each end of the eartubes for improved safety. However, they require great effort to remove from the eartubes. 

The stethoscope is resilient to retain flexibility and shape even after being folded for long in storage. The tubing is also free from phthalate plasticizers and not made from natural rubber latex to protect physicians and patients who are sensitive to the substances. 

  • What We Like 

We like the quality of this stethoscopes and the various features it comes with. Moreover, the chest-piece is double sided, making it ideal for assessing and monitoring the health of both patients and adults.

  • What We Don’t Like 

The only thing we don’t like about this classic stethoscope is that it’s only recommended for non-critical environments such as medical offices. This means that you have to invest in another clinical stethoscope for critical environments.


Our Rating


  • Small and large soft-sealing eartips 
  • Instructions
  • Non-chill bell sleeve 
  • High acoustic sensitivity 
  • Tunable diaphragms with chest-piece side for kids and adults 
  • New one-piece diaphragm
  •  5-year warranty 
  • A traditional open bell


  • Lightweight, comfortable and supports prolonged use
  • Compact and sensitive for increased performance 
  • USA-made
  •  Detects high and low frequency sounds made by different body organs such as lungs and the heart
  • Allows for assessing and monitoring of patient health
  • The eartips are comfortable, safe and fit snugly into ears
  • It’s durable and supports prolonged sue
  • The tunable and non-chill diaphragms saves time and offers comfort, respectively 
  • Trusted and used by millions of physicians worldwide 
  • Resistant to alcohol and skin oils or sebum and stains 
  • Safe for humans and the environment 
  • Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning
  • Available in fun and vibrant colors and finishes 


  • It’s a bit costly, but reasonable for its application area
  • Not versatile for use in other sectors other than the healthcare industry 
  • Buying Advice

Are you shopping for the best stethoscope? Make sure it’s designed for use in your intended application area. This is attributed to the fact that different stethoscopes are used in different industries. For medical stethoscopes, look out for the right brand, components, sensitivity and warranty, among other factors.


The best stethoscope is designed to monitor and assess different kinds of patients with varying medical needs. They’re sensitive enough to detect abnormal and normal body organ rhythms and sounds. They’re also made for use in critical care environments such as emergency units or non-critical settings such as general wards, medical offices, urgent care, etc.

Choose the best stethoscope in fun and vibrant colors, and a suitable style based on your personality, on Amazon today.

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