URBNFit Exercise Ball

Working out is an essential activity for the body. The human body is designed to be physically engaged through activities. The majority of us have sedentary jobs which are why the rate of obesity is very high. Sometime you may be too busy to go to the gym. Am I describing you? If yes, then you need essential working out equipment to use at the convenience of your home or office. This way you can conveniently stay fit without disrupting your daily activities. 

One of such equipment is the URBNFit exercise ball. These balls have are of different sizes and have textured surfaces for a proper grip. Exercises done on this ball are meant to facilitate the increase of stamina in the body, specifically the abdominal muscles. It is meant for people who wish to get rid of the layer of fat on their bellies. This exercise ball eliminates the need for performing sit-ups which prove rather tedious to some of us.

This article will give an exhaustive review of a brand of exercise balls known as the URBNFit exercise balls. This will help you to easily make up your mind if it is the ideal one for you or not.     

  •  Product Description

This brand of this exercise ball is made of professional-grade PVC material. This material cannot burst and can stand all kinds of workouts, no matter how rough it may get. This ball is delivered in its deflated form and can be a pump with air in a jiffy. It is easy to carry it from a place to another without any duress. This can be a good idea for a present if you know someone that may gain from it. It comes in a box with a user guide, workout plan, and a pair of air stoppers. It is a gym grade exercise equipment that will send the message that you put some warm thought before buying it.   


Our Rating

  •  PROS
  • Convenient: The URBNFit exercise ball is very convenience based on its design. It is portable because it is not as heavy. It can be used at the home and also in the office. It helps to eliminate the need to go to the gym let alone the need to do sit-ups. This exercise ball serves the intended purpose well. To be specific, it helps in strengthening the body’s abdominals, it is perfect for the body’s core and the lower back.
  • Portable: It is convenient to carry this exercise ball from a place to another. The advantage lies in the fact that it can be deflated and inflated at will. It does not take long to inflate this exercise ball.
  • Durable: This exercise ball is made of a material that is resistant to bursting. This material is durable PVC, it can withstand intense workout sessions. 
  • Textured Surface: The entire surface of the URBNFit exercise ball is high grip and non-slip surface to be used when performing weight lifting exercises. This exercise ball is perfect to be used for exercises such as yoga and entire body strength and stamina. 
  • Guaranteed: The manufacturers of the URBNFit exercise ball believe in its quality so much that they offer money-back guarantees. If you purchase it and feel it is not the one for you and report it within the grace period. You will be given back your money. This is quite a lucrative deal as compared to others out there.  
  • Multipurpose: The URBNFit exercise ball is that it has the ambiguity of use. It can be used alternatively as a chair in your room. This convenient if you do not have enough seats or maybe the number of your guess is beyond usual capacity. 

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  •  Product Review Commentaries

It is imperative to be assertive of what past users of a product say about it before you make a purchase. It helps to identify some flaws that may have been concealed by the product manufacturer. 

The generating rating of this exercise ball is 4.3 out of the possible five stars. This is a fairly good rating. Many women who used this ball when they were expectant recommend its use. It helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles to hold up the womb.

The portability of this exercise ball makes it convenient for use. It gives you the freedom to be consistent with your exercises independent of personal location. 

The other feature that stood out to users about the URBNFit exercise ball is that it has the ambiguity of use. It can be used alternatively as a chair in your room. This convenient if you do not have enough seats or maybe the number of your guess is beyond usual capacity.  

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