Yoga To The People

A lot of buzz has been happening around a new studio called Yoga to the People. What is this yoga? Is it some fancy, new form of yoga? How are they bringing it to the people? If you’re curious, then this article will tell you everything you need to know about this new trend in yoga.

  • Core Values

Yoga to the People is a yoga studio that focuses on making yoga available to everyone. These days, yoga has gotten insanely expensive. Although it started out as something accessible for everyone, and embraces a core belief of meditation, most people can’t afford yoga classes. 

Yoga to the People wants to change that. They believe that the idea of unaffordable yoga conflicts with the spirit of yoga. They want to maintain a balance of staying alive as a business while focusing on yoga as an act of service more than profit. 

Yoga is meant to help st5engthen the body and relieve stress. They don’t believe that it should cost your arms and legs and add more stress to your life. This is why they have made affordable yoga options and offered it to absolutely everyone. 

They believe that in their yoga classes there’s no right or wrong outfit, no set payment, no egotistical teachers, no pedestals, and no right answers. They don’t believe anyone is too poor or unworthy. Their yoga is sweating, breathing, and becoming. They want everyone to participate – big, small, strong, weak, brothers, mothers, grandparents… You get the picture. 

One of the most impactful things they’ve done for the yoga community was involving a lawsuit with Bikram. In 2002, Chodhury copyrighted is 26 pose yoga workout as the Bikram method. He has been involved in several lawsuits since with people using his methods. 

In 2011, he brought a suit against Yoga to the People. It eventually reached a settlement when Yoga to the People voluntarily agreed to stop using the name Bikram. Although this case never went to court, it was significant because it caused the U.S. Copyright Office to announce that its previously issued copyright for Chodhury’s Bikram yoga series was an error and that yoga postures could not be copyrighted. This freed the entire yoga community of the never ending back and forth lawsuits that had been happening due to this issue and truly ensured that yoga was, and always will be, for the people. 

  • Donation Based

One of the ways they follow through on their values is by offering classes on a donation basis. They suggest a donation of $10 per class, but they also believe in giving as you are able. If you can’t afford the suggested donation, pay what you can afford, or pay nothing at all! 

If you’re feeling generous, and have money to spare, you can also donate above the suggested donation to cover their costs when they offer yoga for free to someone who can’t afford to give anything at all. They believe that giving is a sacred gesture. 

This is really unique in the modern world. The concept of pay as you’re able seems laughable in a society that is driven by profits, but they have seen huge success with this practice. It really shows that they truly believe the mantras they espouse. 

  • Why Yoga?

With all the different types of exercise available, a lot of people wonder why they should practice yoga. This is especially true of those who aren’t necessarily spiritual or meditation minded. 


Yoga’s a great way to balance your body. It’s a healthy form of exercise that doesn’t put undue stress on your body but keeps you flexible. It also helps you balance your mind and keep your energies in harmony.

It also allows you to help balance your metabolism and maintain a healthy weight. This allows your body to strengthen as you control your hunger. 


Believe it or not, yoga is actually a great cardio workout! It seems as though it’s nothing more than stretching and flexibility exercises that neglect strength building and cardio, but that’s not true at all. Yoga improves your blood’s circulation and decreases high blood pressure. It lowers your heart rate as well. 


Yoga is also good for your respiratory system. The slow and managed breathing they maintain in workouts will improve your lung capacity and help them work more efficiently. The breathing exercises double as respiratory therapy.

Stress Management

Yoga is a low impact, slow paced, relaxing course. They have adjustments to all exercises that allow you to get a great workout no matter where your fitness and flexibility levels currently rest. This reduces a lot of the anxiety that usually comes with workout classes.

The focus on meditation and relaxation during workouts also helps to rest and relax your mind while your body does all the work. Using these workouts also helps you to think more clearly and reduces the stress you face while you unwind and relax. 

  • Types of Classes

They offer several different types of classes at their studios. Each one works in different ways to help your body and mind. 

Power Vinyasa Flow

Power vinyasa classes are inspired by Bryan Kest. Bryan is a yoga instructor who believes in the balance of effort, awareness, and breath. These classes focus on the individual rather than the instructor. 

These classes are vigorous workouts, but they do allow students to adjust workouts. This also makes them more accessible. They transition fluidly from pose to pose, linking the body, breath, and movement together. These are not heated classes, so if the element of yoga you hate is how uncomfortably hot it gets, then this is a great workout for you. 

These are also the classes that the studio offers on a donation basis. All of the power vinyasa classes have a donation box with a suggested donation of $10. If you’re unable to contribute, then don’t. No one keeps track of individual donations, and the $10 is not a minimum requirement or a maximum allotment. Give what you are able, and If you’re willing to donate more it will be appreciated.

Traditional Hot Yoga

They also offer hot yoga classes that last an hour. These classes are performed in a room that has been heated to around 105 degrees. They will focus on a series of poses that incorporate balance, strength, and flexibility of the body. They are not Bikram yoga classes and are not Bikram affiliated. 

The idea behind the heated room is that sweating a lot will loosen your muscles and cleanse your body. For these classes, you’ll need your own yoga mat. They do offer very affordable rentals and towels, at as little as $1 per mat rental or towel. 

Sweating means you’re also going to want to choose your outfit carefully, so you don’t slip all over your mat while sweating. Stay hydrated because losing that much sweat may dehydrate you. Pregnant people shouldn’t take this class. 

Hot Vinyasa

Power vinyasa classes are performed in a 100-degree room. These classes are also an hour long each and inspired by Bryan Kest. These classes work like the power vinyasa flow classes but are performed in the hot room to combine the vinyasa yoga with the hot yoga for an even more rigorous workout. 

  • Workshops

Yoga to the People offers several yoga workshops throughout the country. The rates of these workshops vary based on how long they are. Day classes range from $20 to $30 and weekend retreats run from $295 to $325. Several of their workshops have variable, sliding scale rates based on the nature of the workshop and what you can afford to pay. Many workshops are also donation based, so those who can’t afford to take expensive courses can still attend.

One of their popular workshops is a donation based active meditation. This workshop Is held weekly and focuses on meditative yoga. This class teaches that you must give each moment your best in order to become your best. Receiving the best life requires relaxed lifestyles. 

Weekend retreats are offered for yoga that are informed by traumas and sensitive to the needs and recovery of trauma victims. 

Another workshop being offered is Sound Bath and Cosmic Dance Healing. This workshop uses sound and dance to heal the body. They combine ancient and modern therapies to offer you insight, develop your spiritual gifts, and guide you towards change. 

Headstand workshops, hip workshops, tantra talks, and the ritualistic roots of ancient medicine are all workshops that are offered through this company. 

  • Teacher Training

Yoga to the People also offers training for teachers. This gives you a chance to dive deeply into yoga. Their training is individualistic and focuses on allowing teachers to find the style that resonated with them and using it to bring out their inner teacher. Training programs range from around $500 to around $1000 depending on what area you wish to practice and how intensive you want your training to be. Courses range from 50 hours to 200 hours.

Who can take it?

Pretty much anyone can take their training courses. A lot of practicing teachers take it to deepen their knowledge. Some students decide to take it because they want to share their experience with others. On occasion, people who are brand new to yoga will enroll because they want a fully immersive experience to introduce them to the practice. They don’t require a specific level of knowledge or physical ability to enroll in their training. They just require a curiosity and quest for knowledge.

What does curriculum cover?

There are several different programs available for teacher training, and each one offers a different experience. Group sessions take place over the weekends, where classes will study asana and sequence breakdowns. They will learn to adjust and align poses while studying the philosophy and history of yoga. They will learn yoga anatomy and breathing styles as they learn how to talk to students in workshops and classes. Each student also practices their own field, getting hands-on yoga experience through the course. 

Curriculum covered in various training classes includes asana, anatomy and yoga assists, yogic philosophy, sequence, sutras, meditation, the history of yoga, acupressure, pranayama and kriyas, in studio application, and teaching practicums. 

What does the program entail?

Students who enroll in teacher training must show up time and be actively engaged with the sessions. They must practice their dialogue and analyze sequences. Throughout the training, they must attend at least 5 of the teacher training classes while also taking at least 3 classes per week on their own. You will also be asked to lead a complete class on your own before graduating so you can show that you are a capable teacher. 

What’s next?

After teacher training, you can submit your credentials to the Yoga Alliance. This will add you to their teacher database and allow others to verify your qualifications for employment. Although not every training session is eligible to get you registered, most of them are, so contact Yoga to the People to find out more. 

Yoga to the People also hires their trained instructors. They believe in their people and want to support any student who wishes to work for them. All of their instructors are hired directly from their training programs and encourage students to view the program as an extended two-way interview. They will also help you open your own space or business and help you find employment in other studios of you prefer. 



As you can see, Yoga to the People is a phenomenal business. They put their beliefs into practice at every part of the journey, starting with donation-based classes and workshops for those who can’t afford expensive yoga fees to hiring directly out of their teacher training programs. 

They have several locations in New York City and California, with other locations in Tempe, AZ and Orlando, FL. The business continues to expand as trained teachers work with Yoga to the people to open studios throughout the states.

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